Cancellation & Reschedule Policy

  • All appointments must be reserved with a credit or debit card. *Please note: Your card will NOT be charged at the time of booking! It will only be on file in case of a last-minute cancellation or a no-show. (Much like a hotel booking, you must provide a card on file but not be charged until arrival.)
  • Cancellations/reschedules with more than a 24-hour notice WILL NOT BE SUBJECT TO A CANCELLATION FEE. If less than 24-hour notice is given, you will be charged 50% of the service fee to cover your provider's time. If a No-Call/No-Show occurs for an appointment, you will be charged 100% of the service fee. If the client does not show up for their appointment within 15 minutes after the scheduled start time, the appointment is subject to cancellation & 100% service fee to cover the service provider's time. Multiple occurances of this may also result in the client not being allowed to book future appointments at CopperLeaf with any staff member.

  •  Exceptions can and will be made due to sickness, work, or family emergencies. Still, please be advised that this decision will be at the discretion of the front desk administrative team. Notes will be kept of Reasons for Cancellation/Reschedule to prevent these exceptions from being taken unfair advantage of. Frequent exemptions will result in a 100% service fee, and this will also be at the discretion of the front desk administrative team.

  •  SPECIAL NOTE: If multiple breaches of this Policy occur, our staff does reserve the right to request that you not book with them for future appointments.

  • Please know that we only set this Policy in place to keep all parties accountable and protect our staff's time and income.

Do you allow pets in the spa?

No, we do not. Per TDLR Cosmetology Sanitation Rules, 83.114(h),
only service animals are allowed in salons/spas. 
We adhere to all TDLR standards to protect our staff and our licensure.
Please arrange for your pets to stay elsewhere during your visit or reschedule your appointment. (*Last-minute cancellation/reschedule fees will apply where necessary.)

Should I  tip?
Or is the tip included in the service price?

Tipping your service provider 15-20% of the service fee is customary. 100% of the tip goes directly to the provider. The spa does not add tips to service prices.
Tips are VERY appreciated in cash.

What should I wear?

Whatever you'd like, we recommend comfy clothes.
Wraps & Robes will be provided for facials & body scrub services. 

How early should I arrive for my appointment? 

Please plan to arrive 10-15 minutes before your appointment time
to allow for check-in & to fill out any consent forms we need
before your treatment.

Is it okay to use my phone while at the spa?

In order for our clients and service providers to have the most peaceful experience, we ask that all cell phones be silenced or put on vibrate.

We prefer that you find childcare so you can completely relax,
but we understand that's only sometimes doable. 
Older children may sit quietly in our waiting room with a book or tablet.
(Headphones required, please.)
Guests who do not have appointments are also welcome to sit in our waiting room during your appointment.

I have a child or guest with me. Is that okay?

Frequently Asked Questions