Viora Non-Invasive Skin Tightening

Single Project

The newest concept to treat sagging skin and localized fat according to "DR OZ" along the neck and jowl line to address gravity, age and genetics. We are introducing a machine that has developed a non-invasive solution that painlessly and effectively targets the cheeks, jowl lines and necks of patients who want to restore or remodel their lower face, without the expense, pain or risk of surgical procedures. It also addresses other areas like above the knee, back fat, belly fat, under the arm, buttocks and more.

    Single areas (2 hands wide) include the face, neck, above the knees, stomach, and arms

  • Best Results come in packages of 6
  • 1 area   $250.00
  • Package of 6   $1200.00

  • Larger areas inlcude the thighs, buttocks, love handles, and back

  • 1 area   $350.00
  • Package of 6   $1800.00