BioTE® Hormone Replacement

Balanced hormones are necessary for good health and disease prevention for women and men as we age. BioTE® optimizes hormone levels with tiny pellets just under the skin.

Single Project

Hormone pellets release all-natural bio-identical estrogen and testosterone and are absorbed consistently into the body as needed. Insurance typically does not cover BioTE® Hormone Replacement Therapy. It is considered an elective procedure. You will be responsible for payment at the time of your procedure, however we are finding many insurance companies will cover the cost of the blood work. Proper forms are available if needed.



Steps and Pricing

  • Step 1 Get blood work done either private pay or through insurance. Private Pay through Copper Leaf, your doctor or Quest labs.

  • Female: $140-200

  • Male: $190

  • Female 2nd Lab: $70 (w/o T3) | $90 (with T3)

  • Male 2nd Lab: $90 (w/o T3)

  • Step 2 Within 6 to 9 days, the labs will be back and we will contact you when they are received. We will discuss if you are a candidate and if so, we will schedule a phone consult or a face to face consult prior to pelleting.

  • Consult Fee: $105

  • Step 3 Within days/weeks we will schedule the pellet insertion according to the doctors schedule.

  • Female Pellet Insertion: $325*

  • Male Hormone Pellet Insertion: $650*

  • Male Hormone Pellet Insertion (Over 2000mg): $750

*Female patients with uterus intact (no hysterectomy) will also be required to take a progesterone supplement as prescribed by the doctor at an additional cost. Females generally require pellet at minimum every 3 months.

*Males generally require pelleting every 6 months.

BioTE requires a 6 week follow up lab for female patients and a 4 week lab for men. This is to make sure your hormone levels from your first pellet are on track. If a challenge arises during the first four weeks of pelleting, contact us. Additional labs may be required to pin point the problem. Please contact the Copper Leaf prior to the 6 week time frame to schedule your labs.

We accept the following form of payment: Mastercard, Visa, Discover, AMEX, Personal checks and cash.